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What we do

Quality wood products

We ship high-quality material, produced to the customer’s exact specification, including color-matching, sorting for sapwood, heartwood, mineral, etc., rough or fully machined. The quality of our material is always completely guaranteed.


Effective Quality Control

At WoodProm we work hard to insure the best quality and reliability possible by thorough communication and mill relationships. Dealing with a natural material such as wood, requires a visual, as well as a mechanical specification.


We take care of all

Transportation issues can be expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. With our long experience in exporting, importing and trans-shipping, we have an extensive network of shipping companies, freight forwarders and customs agents to help prevent problems, and to fix problems when they arise.

Our core values

We have diversified the countries we source from to provide competitive prices, help assure quality product and on time delivery.

We understand your needs

We leverage our 35+ years of product knowledge and international wood component sourcing experience to achieve a reliable supply chain at best value.

We do what it takes

We do whatever it takes to help our customers & each other.

We listen to grow

We listen to each other to seek to understand and learn from each other so we may grow and be more productive.

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